ParaSport Equipment

Often, sports equipment that comes “out of the box” is not designed for the rugged world of Paralympic sport. Athletes can’t afford to have a buckle or strap break out on the hill, on the water, or during a competitive event.

H&H Technologies adapts sports equipment for ParaSport and Paralympic athletes to make it stronger. We also make sure the equipment fits the athlete, instead of the other way around. This gives athletes greater independence, confidence, and ability to perform at the highest levels of sport.

Some of the things we do:

•Design custom equipment, like the water ski cage pictured here (the only cage in the world to be fully CNC'd).

•Design strapping and buckle systems for skis (water, snow) and sledges.

•Design and manufacture systems that are as close to fail proof as possible.

•Analyze equipment and identify areas for improvement (like balance points and mounting mechanisms).

•Repair battle-scarred equipment and salvage usable parts for future use.

•Ensure proper fit, especially for those participating in a seated position.

Proper fit for a ski, cage, sledge, or chair is critical to athlete success. Any spare movement is wasted energy. And without good fit, the athlete doesn’t improve as quickly, may not have as much fun, and may become increasingly frustrated.

Finding ways to take “off the shelf” products and customize them for different body shapes is an art. If equipment is too tight, athletes get pressure sores. If it’s too loose, it’s energy wasting. We use many techniques and products to improve fit, including foam, straps, glue, fiberglass, and sewing.

Prices and time required to adapt or design equipment varies greatly depending on what is needed.

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