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About Us

Our team of consultants include industry-leading experts in business transformation, data warehouse design, business intelligence, information technology, and technical writing. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

H&H Technologies was founded in 1996 as a technology company focused on Business Intelligence.  Since then, our company has grown to include four lines of business.

What do the lines of business have in common?

Our four lines of business are all about realizing potential: seeing what is possible and making it happen. We work with businesses, sport organizations, and athletes to help clarify their vision, put in place an effective process to create transformation, stir up passion to effect change, and provide leadership to build successful teams who make it all happen.    

Business and technology consulting – We provide consulting services to help you transform your business and the technology that supports it. We provide solutions spanning change management, business intelligence, management consulting, and data warehousing.

ParaSport coaching – We promote and develop strategies and programs for ParaSport athletes. We integrate leading able-body sport practices with long-term athlete development concepts, along with practical and proven approaches for effecting change.

ParaSport equipment – We design, manufacture, and adapt sport-specific equipment for athletes with a disability.

Photography – We look at the world from a different perspective, capturing creative images that evoke emotion and establish a connection with your audience. Great for marketing and promotion of businesses, athletes, and sporting events.

What we stand for

Many businesses and athletes have the vision for what they want to create. They are just not sure how to plan for and execute it. H&H Technologies has a proven track record of turning vision into reality and providing quality and reliable solutions.

Client focus – it all begins with understanding what you want so the solution meets your needs

Teamwork – we believe in collaboration: listening to and leveraging everyone’s ideas

Quality – we provide excellent value and professional service

Leadership – we inspire and motivate people to take action

Passion – we act as a catalyst, creating the desire and commitment to make a difference

Ongoing improvement – we continually refine our approach to create lasting results

Our Team